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Case Studies

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Illinois Power Company

Job – Test and repair services needed for 27 pressure relief valve in one week

Customized Solution:

  • Walked down the plant prior to outage to check for valves that required repair and were showing obvious leakage
  • Made cost-effective valve recommendations to plant maintenance manager on what to replace up front
  • Set up testing equipment
  • Checked each valve parts for tolerances
  • Repaired or replaced each valve in the time frame noted under budget for the plant

Missouri Power Company

Job – Repair 7 severe service process control valves on site.

Customized Solution:

  • Walked down the plant prior to outage
  • Had all potential replacement parts on hand to repair and restore the valve
  • Set up machining, tooling, and testing equipment
  • Repaired all 7 valves under budget and ahead of schedule

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Midwest Chemical Company

Job – Testing and repair needed for 81 pressure relief valves in two weeks

Customized Solution

  • Walked down the plant and performed a survey on all pressure relief devices
  • Noted obsolete valves and made outlined plans to show potential piping changes needed
  • Offered repair by replacing 28 obsolete relief valves, all ordered in advance of plant shutdown
  • Organized manpower and spare parts for remaining valves requiring testing
    Successfully tested and repaired remaining valves in allotted time frame.