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Pioneer Industrial’s team of technicians know manufacturing processes in the food industry need the right touch. Fresh meats, fruits, and vegetables must be processed according to food safety standards. Frequently, packaged food production comes with several challenges. Valves, pumps, fluid seals, and their support systems play crucial roles in food and beverage industry operations. Often, these devices can be complicated and require a good eye and deft hand to select, install, and maintain, so they’re always working optimally.

Choosing and maintaining the right equipment for the job can have profound effects on the productivity, health, and safety concerns of your company. If a plant utilizes valves made from a porous material, this can cause unsanitary conditions and cause the spread of contamination into batches of product. Incorrectly installed centrifugal pumps can cause unwanted liquid transfer, off flavors, and ruined processes. Choosing the right materials for fluid seals is critical in preventing equipment degradation and the spread of harmful microbial agents. Whether your food and beverage operation services grocery stores or sends product direct to consumers, you’ll want to offer the best merchandise possible. Optimizing your valves, pumps, and fluid seals and keeping in step with industry trends will increase consumer confidence. To keep every bite as delicious as the last, call the experts at Pioneer Industrial.

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Since 1988 Pioneer Industrial Corporation has specialized in the valve, fluid sealing, and precision product market. As one of the Midwest’s premier industrial sales and service operations, we’ve committed to researching and developing new technology to give our clients every advantage. Whether your food processing plant focuses on soft drinks or soft cookies, Pioneer Industrial has methods and solutions that will increase your productivity and profitability.

With over one hundred employees covering eight states across the Midwest and over 100,000 square foot of warehouse and repair facilities, we are equipped to meet your needs quickly. If you’re looking for the high-grade silicone fluid seals, we are proud to represent some of the best lines in the industry. From brewing and bottling to mixing and baking, Pioneer International offers you our best in products, services, and personnel.

Whether you need to evaluate your operational processes, determine your hardware performance, or implement plant automation, Pioneer International can help. The applications expertise, project planning, integration, and execution services that we provide will make your manufacturing plant run smoother than ever. Our food and beverage specialists will help you achieve hassle-free process control through innovative, integrated applications, and excellent process management.