Pioneer Industrial Acquires Environmental Compliance Technologies (ECT)

At Pioneer Industrial, we are proud to work with the industrial supplying titans at Environmental Compliance Technologies (ECT). In January of 2019, the two companies merged together to help make industrial facilities everywhere safer and more efficient to work in. The addition of ECT to the Pioneer family of products takes our inventory to a completely different level. Now, Pioneer has the ability to provide enhanced services in the areas of gas, moisture, and flow measurement—both inline and portable forms.

With ECT in our corner, Pioneer is able to serve customer requirements better than ever before. We now offer a broad range of complimentary engineered products and services from top brands like:

  • Baker Hughes (a GE Company)
  • Thermo Scientific
  • Ametek
  • Universal Analyzers Inc.
  • O’Brien
  • Roeslein & Association
  • Honeywell
  • RAE Systems
  • Dräger
  • Gasco
  • Aschinger Environmental and Safety

Working together gives our team the ability to provide a value-added service to your operation. We will work tirelessly to ensure that your working environment is always in optimal form. With decades of experience and a loaded arsenal of tools, our team is able to perform high-quality repairs, restorations, or upgrade projects much more efficiently and effectively.

ECT and Pioneer are two of the most prolific forces in the mechanical services industry. With these premiere organizations coexisting, expect a better-functioning, healthier, safer, and stronger working environment all around. Even with both of these companies joining forces together to fight for Pioneer’s mission in maximizing each client’s infrastructure, there are many things that need special attention.

Here are some of the primary terms and conditions revolving around this recent acquisition:

Loyal Services Still Provided in the Midwest:

At Pioneer, loyalty is one of our most highly-valued traits. That’s why we continue to serve the same nine states across the Midwest, but just a whole lot better. Quality customer services are at the forefront of everything that we represent as mechanical service providers. With the same nine-state service footprint, you can always count on us to come through on that commitment.

More Broad Market Offerings:

Though we are still providing services and products within the same boundaries, Pioneer is expanding its horizons. We still maintain our expertise in valve support, fluid sealing, and precision control, but now our team is able to provide a heavier focus in a few particular areas. This includes more effective gas management and moisture and flow measurement solutions.

A Stronger Product Portfolio:

Working with ECT allows us to expand on our already impressive inventory of products. We already carry several actuator and valve models, but with ECT by our side, we are able to provide so much more. These are some of the innovative solutions that we are adding to our product collection:

  • Laser-based moisture instruments
  • Gas moisture and oxygen analyzers
  • Ambient particulate monitors
  • CEM sampling probes
  • Commercial gas detection systems
  • Leak detection technology
  • Single and multi-gas detectors
  • Portable gas accessories

More Complete Customer Services:

The addition of ECT doesn’t just add new products and technologies to Pioneer’s service market. It also adds peace of mind knowing that you are getting a more complete service. Many of our products complement each other, which allows us to present a more effective package to end users.

Schedule a consultation with our team to find out which solutions are best for your facility. Contact us today to take advantage of our extensive collection of product solutions.