Looking for a high-quality actuator that’s easy to install? Pioneer provides high-quality Auma actuators.


The specialist for Electric Actuators

Auma Electrical Actuators

Pioneer’s devotion to partnering with world-leading technology providers has led us to collaborate with Auma. The brand Auma is synonymous with long-standing experience and knowledge, specializing in electric actuators for energy, water, oil & gas, as well as other industrial sectors. Auma is devoted to providing a modular product concept with a comprehensive range of sub-assemblies allowing for configuration of customer specific actuators to accommodate each specific application. User-friendly and simple to install, Pioneer offers comprehensive installation, maintenance, and support for your Auma actuator.

Complete Control Over Your Valves

The basic function of Auma actuators is the same across all products. The gearing is driven by an electric motor. The torque applied at the gearing output is transmitted to the valve via a standardized mechanical interface. A control unit within the actuator records travel and monitors torque applied. When reaching a valve end position or a predefined torque limit, the control unit sends a signal to motor controls. Upon receiving this signal, motor controls typically integrated within the actuator stop the actuator. Motor controls are equipped with an appropriate electric interface adapted to the DCS to exchange operation commands and feedback signals between the motor controls and DCS. Whether automating a multi-turn valve, gate valve, butterfly valve, ball valves or globe valves, Auma can provide the solution.


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Why Pioneer?

Pioneer’s engineering staff, as well as factory trained technicians additionally, provide training, on-site commissioning support, field repairs and troubleshooting to assist in continued service after the point of sale. Focused on providing genuine quality and reliable service for over 30 years, Pioneer is always looking for new ways to improve. It’s our goal to procure a valve solution that fits your facility’s needs and budget. To see how we can revolutionize your operations, reach out to our team today. Isn’t it time you started simplifying the way you operate?