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Chesterton Mechanical Sealing

Chesterton is an industry-leading provider of high-performance engineered mechanical sealing, coating, lubricants, and stationary and rotating equipment solutions. With over 1200 employees across the globe, their far-reaching service has provided high-quality solutions for countless clients over the years. As the number one North American distributor for ceramic coatings and engineered polymer solutions, Pioneer works closely with Chesterton to provide distribution, support, emergency repair, and troubleshooting for their comprehensive range of products.

Quality Products For A Specialized Solution

Chesterton specializes in designing high-end solutions at an affordable rate. With cutting-edge equipment, they’ve been assisting industry companies and manufacturers in delivering reliable service for over a century. As one of Chesterton’s primary North American distributor, we offer specifically designed products to bring their world-class quality products to the local consumer. It’s our job to deliver an engineered technological solution that aids your facility from start to finish. From installation and maintenance to troubleshooting and emergency service, Pioneer is prepared to help every step of the way. Our large inventory of Chesterton products offers a solution prepared to fix any nagging problem you may have. Our Chesterton products include:

  • Mechanical Seals
  • Packing
  • Lubricants
  • Engineered Polymer Seals – Hydraulic Seals
  • “ARC” Industrial Coating

Comprehensive Support

Pioneer does more than just carry the equipment your facility has been looking for. We foster your system from start to finish to make sure the solution we deliver is right for you. With key product identification, comprehensive installation, diligent ongoing maintenance, and troubleshooting, we’ll be there for your system every step of the way. We have multiple in-house engineers specializing in Chesterton products to assist at the local level.

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  • 150L – Simple upgrade to reduce plant maintenance costs. Reliable cartridge design that increases seal life. Single locking collar screw for ease of install.
  • 180 – Maximum performance for demanding, high-torque applications. Reliable Sealing of slurries. Quench and Drain capabilities.
  • 280M – Motion-Tolerant dual seal for high reliability in challenging environments. Superior performance for demanding mixer applications. Maximum solids handling capability.
  • S20 – Advanced double seal technology with convenient cassette design. High flow pumping ring and high torque capability. Designed for standardization, efficiency and value
  • 442C – Cartridge split seal design for ease of installation. High reliability sealing. Field repairable.
  • 442PR – Maximum heat removal in hot water services. Integral pumping ring for superior fluid circulation. Designed for elevated temperature fluids. Field Repairable
  • 180PR – Maximum heat removal in hot water services. Integral pumping ring for superior fluid circulation. Designed for elevated temperatures. Multiport Injection. High pressure seal faces.
  • HVS – Sealing solution for high viscosity pumps. Capable of dry running. Field Repairable.
  • Spiraltac – Mechanical seal/packing support system for removal of solids and improved cooling. Extends reliability in most rotating equipment applications. Reduces cost of flushing in abrasive applications. Fits all rotating equipment.


  • 2211 – Innovative packing technology for longer life in severe slurry applications. Achieves significantly longer packing life. Low friction and gentle on shafts. Resists consolidation and extrusion.
  • 1601 – Advanced reinforced graphite construction for superior leakage control. Emissions control over thousands of cycles. Proven in high pressure, high temperature steam service. Resists stem pitting.
  • 1727 – Superior general service pump packing with excellent chemical resistance. Non-staining property ensures product quality. Non-hardening for increased performance.
  • 1622 – High performance, graphite, fugitive emissions packing for isolation valves. Low E packing technology. Single spool application. Graphite tape packing.
  • 1730SC – Withstands radial shaft motion and vibration. Rugged, easy to use general service packing. Withstands radial shaft motion and vibration. Minimizes gland adjustment.
  • 1726 – PTFE based engineered packing capable of sealing emissions. Meets new reduced emissions levels without live loading. Fits a wide range of isolation valve applications. Reduces compliance costs in petrochemical, chemical and oil and gas industries


  • 601 – Chain drive pin and brushing lubricant. Extends chain and wire rope life and reduces energy. Penetrating, anti-wear precision lubricant; NSF H2. Cleans sticky residue and detergent additives removes dirt and dust. Resists heavy loads, reduces friction and increases load capacities.
  • 615 – High temperature grease with extreme corrosion and water washout resistance and high pressure capabilities.
  • 610 – Lubricating fluid to reduce wear and improve reliability. Helps to reduce wear and corrosion as well as prevent contaminants from settling. ISO VG Grade 68.
  • MPG – Creates an ultra thin gasket that conforms to non-uniform surfaces. It is a non-stick, form in place, two component polymer gasket. NSF P-1 registered.


Engineered Polymer Seals - Hydraulic Seals

  • 30K – Lip seal with increased wear and abrasion resistance. Mechanically formed lips provide optimal sealing force. Distinct PTFE materials developed specifically for sealing applications. Machining made to order process allows for flexibility without tooling costs.
  • 30KC – This cartridge design uses high performance, filled PTFE materials proven to withstand high shear rates, frictional heat and abrasives common when pumping high viscosity products and dry powders.
  • 33K – Split lip seal eliminates need for equipment disassembly. Built in polymer energizer creates optimum load to maximize seal performance. Reliable unitized design offers easy mounting to equipment.
  • 11K – Single acting, dual polymer split hydraulic seal. Dual component sealing system requires no shimming. Various material combinations available for both new and used equipment. Machinable or moldable product for flexibility to create any size seal.
  • 27K – Single acting, split stacked set; pressure sensitive loading extends seal life. Thermoset polymers allow various material combinations to accommodate both old and new equipment. Machined or moldable product for flexibility to create any size seal.
  • Matrix Seal – The seal assembly seals against a rotating shaft or other piece of moving equipment to prevent the leakage of fluids. employing an energizer, housing, and a rotational seal element. the matrix conforms to the surface of the shaft, and moves radially with the shaft to provide an effective seal in high wear or runout applications.
  • Polymer Labyrinth Seal – Unitized, non-contacting seal for bearing protection. Eliminates fretting caused by conventional lip seals. Automatic shut off valve creates a positive seal during idle time. IP56 certified. Designed to be resistant to ingress of dust and water.

'ARC' Industrial Coating

  • Sprayables – Ceramic/mineral reinforced, sprayable epoxy and novolac epoxy products. Engineered for the most extreme chemically aggressive applications. Highly abrasion resistant. Extremely hydrophobic to increase efficiency in pumps.
  • IBX1 – Epoxy/urethane hybrid coating for severe abrasive wear and impact resistance. Protect surfaces exposed to impact <50 ft lb and sliding abrasion. Longer lasting alternative to rubber lining and ceramic tiles. Withstands direct and reverse impact forces.
  • BX2 – Industrial wear resistant coating designed to protect areas exposed to moderate sliding abrasion, resurface damaged metal in lieu of weld overlays and replace ceramic tiles and rubber linings that easily disbond.
  • MX1 – Most abrasion resistant Chesterton coating designed to protect surfaces against dry, coarse particle erosion, wet slurry abrasion and severe impact. Restores worn equipment to near original condition. Replace CD4, Ni-hard or hardox as wear resistant material.
  • BX5 – Rapid curing, 100% solids, ceramic reinforced coating for sliding wear and fine particle abrasion. Cures under adverse conditions with maximum adhesion. Quickly patch and repair worn equipment and structures.