Klinger has produced more than a century’s worth of cutting-edge valves.


World-class quality delivered locally.

Klinger Company

Since 1848, Klinger has provided cutting-edge valves to customers around the world. They’ve fine-tuned their manufacturing process to ensure the products they deliver is up to the task. Pioneer looks to extend that tradition of excellence by providing quality local service to augment and maintain Klinger valves. We provide comprehensive service for low-pressure steam and chemical service valves, so the solution we help install is built to last.

High-Performance Piston Valves and Ball Valves

Pioneer provides comprehensive procurement, installation, and ongoing maintenance for piston valves and ball valves.

  • Klinger Ball Valves: Applicable for several industries, Klinger ball valves offer optimal flow control for maximum performance. Simple to use and built to last, Klinger ball valves are leak-tight and able to withstand years of service.
  • Klinger Piston Valves: Designed to reduce maintenance, Klinger piston valves offer a stress-free solution for fluid control. For nearly a century, Klinger has been at the forefront of piston valve technology. Effective and durable, the piston valve has been fine-tuned over the years for optimal performance without increasing energy consumption or contaminants.


Find the valve that’s right for you.

With high-performance piston and ball valves, Klinger has the solution.

Find the Right Solution for You

Pioneer partners with industry-leading providers to deliver valve solutions that make the most sense for your facility. Our team of experienced engineers provides high-quality support from start-to-finish, so the valve we provide for your team is built to last. Coupled with Klinger’s enduring quality, we guarantee that our engineers can procure and install the right valve for you.