Pioneer is the largest Midwestern distributor of Max-Air products.


Find the valve and automation package that’s the right fit for you

Max-Air's Largest Midwest Distributor

Max-Air Technology designs automation technologies for flexible, interchangeable solutions across a variety of industries including chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, oil and gas, and many more. As the largest Max-Air distributor in the Midwest, Pioneer offers a broad range of products designed to help your specific facility including:

  • Quarter-turn pneumatic actuators
  • Valve packages
  • Block and bleed valves
  • Butterfly valves
  • Engineered packages
  • Scotch Yoke actuators
  • EH, EHS, EHD Series
  • Adaptors
  • Brackets and Couplers

Support When You Need It

Valve automation doesn’t have to be a difficult proposition—Pioneer makes it simple to extend your system’s lifespan and improve its functionality to increase productivity. As the largest Max-Air technology distributor in the Midwest, Pioneer is on hand to provide comprehensive support. Our in-house automation experts can assist with installation, maintenance, and ongoing support for your Max-Air product. Our certified repair center provides the support your valve needs to avoid any issues that could lead to poor performance.


Are your valves up to the task?

Find the right equipment for your facility with Pioneer.

World-Class Equipment Distributed Locally

Between our 8 locations, Pioneer always maintains a full inventory of cutting-edge Max-Air products. Our team of dedicated technicians has years of experience installing, maintaining, and supporting a broad variety of valve solutions for facilities across several industries. Reach out today and see how Pioneer can improve your existing solution.