Are your actuators and valves up to the task?


Cutting-edge equipment from industry-leading providers.

Rotork Actuators

For more than 60 years, customers have depended on Rotork for innovative, dependable solutions for managing their liquid, gas, and powder flow. As an industry-leading manufacturer of actuators and other flow control services, they’ve established a global network of facilities and offices to broaden their reach. Pioneer takes that next step, bringing Rotork actuators and other products and services closer to your door for world-class service done locally. Our team of expert technicians work diligently to assist your facility with installation, repairs, and troubleshooting for optimal performance. We collaborate with Rotork to distribute and maintain their industry-leading valve actuators at an affordable price.

Rotork Equipment Installation And Ongoing Support

At Pioneer, our team specializes in finding the right solution for your facility. We work closely alongside high-quality providers to procure the best equipment for your specific space, needs, and budget. Beyond product procurement, our team boasts a certified repair center, onsite commissioning and startup, automation capabilities, troubleshooting, and inhouse engineering and support for all of our Rotork products, including:

  • Electric actuators
  • Rack & pinion
  • Scotch yoke
  • Damper dives


World-class equipment provided locally,

Pioneer partners with Rotork to bring you the best.

Global Reach With Local Support

Rotork provides cutting-edge equipment for engineers all around the world. At Pioneer, it’s our goal to make their solutions more than just a pipe dream: we bring high-quality service to every project, so the Rotork solution we procure, install, and maintain is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Your control systems shouldn’t give you a headache—reach out to Pioneer today and find the solution that’s right for you.