Why does Pioneer deliver products from industry-leading providers? So our clients receive the world-class solutions they deserve.


With Lamons, Pioneer works with the best to deliver the best.

Lamons’ Gasket and Fasteners

As one of the largest metal gasket/spiralwound gasket and fastener manufacturers in the world, Lamons prides itself on delivering high-quality solutions for every consumer. As the largest distributor of Lamons products, Pioneer operates with the same philosophy. We believe that collaborating with industry-leading equipment providers like Lamons is the only way to ensure that all of our customers receive customized equipment that fits their needs, budget, and schedule for optimal service. Our staff works closely alongside all our premium providers to manufacture several products locally for a quick turnaround.

High-Quality Solutions Within Reach

We’re always striving to find simpler ways to bring state-of-the-art technology to our customers. Our factory-trained staff have years of experience collaborating with Lamons to bring their durable, reliable gaskets and fasteners to local markets for a 24-hour turnaround on every order when needed. Our five locations nationwide allow our team to broaden Lamons’ reach, so we can help keep more customers happy with their excellent products. Our years of experience allows us to provide replacements and upgrades for current Flexitallic and other manufacturers currently in place.

Industry-leading equipment with a quick turnaround,

We collaborate with Lamons to deliver customized gaskets and fasteners.

Collaborate With Industry-Leading Providers

Pioneer works closely alongside cutting-edge manufacturers like Lamons to ensure we always deliver high-quality solutions for your facility. Lamons delivers lasting, reliable fasteners, gaskets, and bolts that beat out conventional filler material for a premium sealant. Reach out to our team of experienced technicians today and see how our relationships with industry-leading providers can make all the difference for your facility.