Is your facility safe from hazardous materials? Make sure your mechanical seals are protecting your team.

Mechanical Seal Repair

Quality repair services for long-lasting solutions!

Factory-Authorized Mechanical Seal Services

Pioneer’s factory-authorized mechanical seal repair services offer comprehensive care for your mechanical seals. Containing fluids to prevent leakage is crucial for maintaining a safe environment within your facility. Our team of factory-trained experts provides high-quality mechanical seal solutions so your control of liquid flow isn’t compromised by faulty or outdated pipe seals. We offer mechanical seal solutions for several industry-leading providers, including:

  • Chesterton
  • Crane Co.
  • Flowserve
  • AES
  • Eagle Burgmann

Comprehensive Mechanical Seal Repair Solutions

Pioneer’s team of factory-trained technicians offer diverse mechanical seal repair solutions for your specific system for quality care. Our cutting-edge solutions provide detailed end-to-end coverage for your mechanical seals, so your pumps perform up to optimal standards. No matter what product line your team currently uses in your facility, Pioneer has the equipment and expertise to help. Our mechanical seal services include:

  • Seal face reconditioning
  • Part procurement and replacement
  • Seal face manufacturing
  • Seal modifications
  • Engineering and support
  • Asset management
  • Seal failure analysis


Looking for quality, cost-effective mechanical seal repair?

Pioneer can help your system run optimally for premium service.

Quality Service From Expert Technicians

Pioneer’s factory-trained staff offers premium repair services to help your pipes and valves operate efficiently with minimal downtime. Our team provides comprehensive mechanical seal repair services for reconditioning, upgrades, modifications, and ongoing support. If you’re looking to improve your facility for long-term success, reach out to Pioneer Industrial today.