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Overcome Wastewater Challenges with Pioneer Industrial

The technicians at Pioneer Industrial know that plant wastewater disposal can be difficult and expensive. Chemical, pulp, raw sewage, and petrochemical plants must assure that concentrations in wastewater effluents comply with the local and national regulations. Otherwise, treated water cannot be being released into rivers, lakes, or oceans. Certain plants even rely on internal water recycling before proceeding with primary treatment, cleaning, and disposal. Issues such as high concentrations of carbon dioxide in municipal wastewater can threaten biological processes and cause environmental damage. Cleaned water must also meet biochemical oxygen demand standards. Although different industrial plants produce different final products, when it comes to industrial wastewater treatment, they’re all similar in one important way. High-quality valves, pumps, and fluid seals are crucial to success. Wastewater treatment units and plants depend on sealing devices to help control toxic conditions in released water. The design and operation of even the smallest mechanisms can have big effects on the efficacy of treating wastewater. A valve corroded by caustic chemicals can leak toxic fluids and gases into the surrounding environment. A clogged pump can bring operations to a grinding halt. A leaking fluid seal can release noxious odors and dangerous pollution. These are common problems that could potentially happen to any wastewater treatment operation as sealing mechanisms can be both delicate and complex. It takes an experienced touch to assure these mechanisms are functioning correctly. Whether you need to optimize equipment to fit a sewage treatment plant or upgrade the wastewater treatment technology at your chemical plant, Pioneer Industrial’s technicians are on hand to optimize your valves, pumps, and fluid seals. We are experts in design and materials technology for operations of all sizes. From research and development to manufacturing and product application, Pioneer Industrial will bring its best to the complete industrial cycle.

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Small mechanisms have a big responsibility in controlling complex wastewater processes. Take advantage of our offerings to optimize your operations

A Refreshing Partnership

Since 1988 Pioneer Industrial Corporation has been the Midwest’s premier industrial sales and service operation. With over one hundred employees covering eight states across the Midwest and over 100,000 square foot of warehouse and repair facilities, Pioneer provides sales and service in the valve, fluid sealing, and precision product market. If you’re looking for the latest seals to repair, maintain, or optimize your operations, we are proud to represent some of the best lines in the industry. Those lines include GE, Consolidated, Masoneilan, and Mogas in valve products, as well as A.W. Chesterton, WL Gore, Thermoseal, Flexigraf, and Lamons metal gaskets in fluid sealing products. Our precision products also provide ansi pumps, our own specialty line. We can also duplicate products using our Faro-Arm technology. At Pioneer, we service and add value to everything that we sell. We are a Consolidated GTC, Masoneilan MARC Center, and Durco Black Tie Center. These factory certifications give us the ability to bring our customers products back to new condition. We provide factory certified mechanical seal repair with factory trained technicians as well as the ability to cut any gasket on one of our three automated gasket cutting machines. Whether you need to refine your biological treatment steps or make a whole new plan for your wastewater treatment plant, we’ll be there. Don’t hesitate. Work with Pioneer Industrial.