Are your valves up to standard?
Test your valves with cutting-edge technology.

Electronic Valve Testing

Maintain compliance regulations with minimal downtime.

Electronic Control Valve Testing

Control Valve Testing is the best way to make sure your current system is performing up to an optimal standard. If you’re curious about where your valves are falling short or how you can improve their performance, Pioneer has the solution to get your safety relief valves where they need to be. At Pioneer, we provide specialized equipment to help your pressure relief valves adhere to required standards and certifications. The EVT-Pro from GE offers cutting-edge testing, diagnostics, and reporting for your valves for comprehensive evaluation. The EVT-Pro works for all brands of pressure relief valves.

Maintain Compliance For An Affordable Rate

Electronic valve controllers and testing solutions are crucial for maintaining compliance with OSHA’s Process Safety Management standard for a clean, safe facility. Minimize your risk by testing your valves for weak spots or harmful substances with GE’s EVT-Pro. The EVT-Pro offers:

  • Asset Management with ValvKeep
  • Compliance Testing
  • Detailed Documentation
  • OSHA Requirement Management
  • Brand Compatibility
  • Minimal Downtime with In-Place Functionality


Are your valves up to the test?

Keep your facility safe with the EVT-Pro.

Comprehensive Care And Support

Pioneer’s state-of-the-art testing solutions are customized to help your specific system perform to an optimal standard. Our team of experienced technicians have the technology and know-how to deliver exactly what you’re looking for, so the valves you operate maintain OSHA compliance with minimal downtime for testing. Reach out to our staff today, and see how Pioneer can set you up for the future with comprehensive EVT-Pro control valve testing.