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The Right Tools for the Job

The technicians at Pioneer Industrial know that valves, pumps, fluid seals, and their support systems play critical roles in power sector operations. The correct selection, installation, and maintenance of these mechanisms can have a significant impact on energy efficiency, yield, productivity, safety, and profitability. Preventing leakage and mistiming is crucial to success. Of course, incorrectly selected, installed, or maintained mechanisms can produce damaging results. Eroded and malfunctioning valves can cause catastrophic explosions. Oversized pumps can waste fluid in steam-water cycling, lowering efficiency, performance, and profits. A cracked O-ring inside a fluid seal could lead to contaminants leaking into the environment. These are common problems that can happen to all electric power companies as energy cycle mechanisms can be both delicate and complex. It takes an experienced touch to assure the rotating equipment inside these seals is functioning correctly, aiding power generation, and helping to meet your demands for electricity. Whether your power plant sources energy from coal, water, or wind power, Pioneer Industrial’s technicians are on hand to optimize your valves, pumps, and fluid seals. We are experts in design and materials technology for power and utilities companies. From research and development to manufacturing and product application, we bring our best to the complete industrial cycle.

Protect Your Investment with Pioneer Industrial

Optimizing even the smallest mechanisms can have a big impact on your goals!

One Step Ahead

Since 1988 Pioneer Industrial Corporation has been the Midwest’s premier industrial sales and service operation. Pioneer provides sales and service in the valve, fluid sealing, and precision product market. We’re committed to researching and developing new technology to give our clients the competitive advantage. Whether your power plant focuses on combined cycle power or renewable energy, Pioneer Industrial has methods and solutions that will take your company to the next level. With over one hundred employees covering eight states across the Midwest and over 100,000 square foot of warehouse and repair facilities, we are equipped to meet your needs quickly. If you’re looking for the cartridge seals that best fit your power station, we are proud to represent some of the best lines in the industry. Those lines include GE, Consolidated, Masoneilan, and Mogas in valve products, as well as A.W. Chesterton, WL Gore, Thermoseal, Flexigraf, and Lamons metal gaskets in fluid sealing products. Our precision products line also provides our own line of ansi pumps. We also can duplicate products using our Faro-Arm technology. At Pioneer, we service and add value to everything that we sell. We are a Consolidated GTC, Masoneilan MARC Center, and Durco Black Tie Center. These factory certifications give us the ability to bring our customers products back to new condition. We provide factory certified mechanical seal repair with factory trained technicians as well as the ability to cut any gasket on one of our three automated gasket cutting machines. For installation, maintenance, and repair, take the next step and call Pioneer Industrial.