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Fisher Control Valves

Take control of your facility with Fisher control valves.

Fisher Control Valves

Keeping your fluid flow in balance is a crucial part of maintaining productivity, product quality, and safety standards for your staff. Fisher control valves provide reliable, efficient fluid manipulation for gas, steam, water, and chemical substances to keep your flow safe and sanitary. Pioneer’s team of experienced technicians provide comprehensive support for a whole range of Fisher control valves, including:

  • Fisher ES Control Valve
  • Fisher EZ Control Valve
  • Fisher ET Control Valve
  • Vee-Ball Control Valve
  • DVC 6200 Digital Valve Controller

Installation, Retrofitting, Maintenance, And Support

Pioneer makes sure that the system you have in place for your fluid control is ideally suited for your environment. To make sure that the solution we provide is one that lasts, our team of experienced technicians offers a host of services to extend the lifespan of your Fisher control valves, including:

  • Repair and service center
  • Obsolete part manufacturing and retrofitting
  • Field and shop services
  • Low-E sealing solutions
  • VRC-certified repair center
  • 24/7 service and support
  • Mobile/onsite repair services
  • Recycling services and exchange programs
  • Local engineering
  • Quick response time


Extend the lifespan of your Fisher products -

Pioneer provides onsite and in-house support services.

Keep Your System Up And Running With Pioneer

Our team is here for you to provide comprehensive support for your Fisher control valve. Whether you need a full retrofit, simple maintenance, or insight into what products might work best for what you want to accomplish, Pioneer is here to offer the services you need. Reach out to our team of dedicated technicians today and see how we can improve your operations for the long-haul.