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REXA is the preferred actuator technology in power, refining, mid-stream Oil & Gas, petrochemical and mining industries. Pioneer Industrial is proud to offer REXA’s advanced electronically controlled, self-contained hydraulic technology for long lasting reliable control on the most demanding process control applications. Industrial grade linear and rotary actuators are ideal for any application requiring precise positioning, stiff control, and high reliability with minimal maintenance.

Can you plant afford unplanned shutdowns and downtime?

REXA electraulic actuators can improve not only the reliability but also the precision control required for your most demanding applications.

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If you find that your technology is coming up short, it’s imperative that you find a solution that makes sense for your facility. At Pioneer Industrial, we specialize in delivering technology that fit seamlessly within your environment for optimal performance. REXA’s broad range of exceptional products represents our desire to continually improve our offering to accommodate more clients than ever before. REXA’s Linear and Rotary Actuators offer a reliable solution that you can count on for years to come, saving you time from ongoing repairs and money for costly replacements. Don’t settle for actuator valves that don’t satisfy exactly what you’re looking for—work with a provider that adjust their offering to meet client needs. Reach out to Pioneer today.