Union Tech and Pioneer Industrial Sign Distribution Agreement

An Agreement Worth Celebrating

At Pioneer Industrial, we’re committed to working with industry-leading providers; we believe that the only way to deliver the best possible results for our clients is to collaborate with manufacturers who adhere to the same standards of excellence as our team. Union Tech specializes in severe-service metal-seated ball valves (MSBV) and rising-stem ball valve (RSBV), and Pioneer Industrial is here to make sure that customers across the Midwestern U.S. gain unprecedented access to them.

Union Tech

Union Tech has dedicated themselves to mastering the art of precision machining for nearly four decades. They’ve grown “a vertically-integrated enterprise empowered to service the production needs of industries and markets worldwide.” They offer turnkey solutions and a diverse suite of valve products that “leverage the capabilities of (their) manufacturing platform.”

What Sort of Products Does Pioneer Offer From Union Tech?

A lot of companies find that they’re frustrated by how limited their options are when it comes to high-quality equipment. Either technology is over-priced or unattainable; Pioneer’s desire to collaborate closely alongside industry-leading distributors aims to combat that issue and make the valves you need easier to access than ever before.

MSBV Product Suite

Z1 Unibody Power Valve

One-piece metal-seated ball valve engineered for clean steam severe-service (high-pressure and high-temperature) environments, including power generation and critical on/off applications.

Z2 Two-Piece Isolation Valve

Two-piece metal-seated ball valve engineered for severe-service environments for use in customized and critical applications, including chemical/petrochemical, refining power, and mining processes.

Z3 Power Valve System

Consists of a modified Z1 valve and a pair of end connections and enables inline replacements while retaining all of the useful features of the Z1.

RSBV Product Suite

Z4 Rising Stem Ball Valve

Employs a “tilt-and-turn” design enabling frequent cycling, zero leakage, and low torque operation. The Z4 is engineered for high-performance applications requiring frequent cycling with positive shutoffs, such as molecular sieve systems for switching service and gas transmission.

A Focus on Quality

When it comes to delivering products for our customers, the emphasis we put on quality can’t be overstated. According to Union Tech, “Quality is driven by not only precise conformance to engineering specifications, but also steadfast repeatability under all production scenarios.” That’s one of the main reasons why we felt so strongly about making this partnership happen—we share a similar drive to continually deliver exceptional products, no matter what. Find out why so many companies turn to Pioneer and Union Tech today, and see how their high-quality valves can revolutionize your facility.