Chesterton Valve Live Loading

Chesterton is one of the industry-leading suppliers that we partner with to provide superior products. With them, we deliver answers for the specialized challenges that our customers face in the day-to-day operation of their facilities. They are a supplier of high-performance, professionally engineered mechanical sealing, coating, lubricants, along with stationary and rotating equipment solutions. As the number one North American distributor for ceramic coatings and engineered polymer solutions, we work closely with them to provide efficient distribution, support, and problem-solving for their diverse product range.

All Valves Leak Eventually

Consistent and dependable set pressure is vital to mitigating valve leaks. No one has invented a perfect valve that is impervious to leaks. It is an unfortunate fact in the industry that all valves eventually leak somewhat. Finding ways to maintain system pressure despite these minor leaks is one of the most valuable services in our industry. There is a broad range of reasons that a valve will leak, including:

  • Using the incorrect packing material for the required application.
  • Bent, scored, pitted valve stems
  • Incorrect packing installation
    • Across the industry, this is likely the single most significant reason for valves leaking. The procedures required from one packing manufacturer to another can vary widely, and this creates difficulty in achieving proper installation. This is why it is essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions or to work with a qualified service provider.

Leakage is an unfortunate fact of operating, and it can only be mitigated, but not fully eliminated. Live loading is one of the ways to mitigate the causes of the leaks in pressure vessels. It is a process that is simple in execution, but somewhat complex to explain.

Live Loading

Live loading is the process of applying a spring load to the gland follower of a packed valve. This spring load supplies the packing force necessary to maintain a controlled amount of stress in a packing set. The packing force in a live-loaded system can be scaled up or down by the size of the spring and how far it is compressed or deflected. An advantage of the live-loaded system is that the follower will continue to push against the packing even if the packing materials loses volume from friction, extrusion, or consolidation.

The load of the spring will be minimally reduced by the expansion of the springs, but this reduction will be much lower than in a non-live loaded system. The remaining spring load or pressure will allow the packing stress to stay at a high level above the minimum necessary sealing stress. It also helps the packing remain leak free. Basically, through the application of a spring, live loading is a process that helps a valve to maintain the appropriate pressure to prevent leakage.

Chesterton Delivers Quality Products

Chesterton is the only supplier of true custom Stuffing Box Live Loading. These live loading springs will:

  • Extend packing life
  • Provide stored gland load and longer life on the packing set
  • Prevent leakage due to consolidation of packing during thermal cycling
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Assist in lowering exposure/contamination levels

These products and services have a wide range of possible applications across many different industries including power generation, petrochemical and chemical plants, and general production facilities.

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