Increase Performance And Lower Operating Costs With Camflex Globe Replacement (GR)

Here at Pioneer Industrial, we are always pushing forward to provide your facility with the best tools and techniques to maximize your performance and lower your costs. Since 1968, BHGE’s Masoneilan Camflex technology has been installed more than 1.2 million units across the globe in facilities like refineries, chemical plants, manufacturing locations, and other industrial settings.

Their original Camflex design became an industry standard and proved to be dependable far beyond where the competition’s control valves would fail or be too costly. Today, the new Camflex Globe Replacement (GR) takes things a step further. It has been designed to make your operations and maintenance function even easier.

The Features Of Camflex’s Globe Replacement (GR)

The Globe Replacement was developed to seamlessly replace your reciprocating valves while delivering long-term reliability and cost-reducing construction. It is available in 6 different sizes:

  • 1”
  • 1.5”
  • 2”
  • 3”
  • 4”
  • 6”

It comes in carbon or stainless steel design and has models rated for classes 150, 300, and 600 applications. When it comes to the actual bare bones of the design, it is constructed with 50% fewer overall parts, which means streamlined operations, simpler maintenance procedures, and lower inventory costs for spare parts.


A Simple Process To Make The Switch

The performance of the valve itself has been optimized even further as well. The new GR model has 50% fewer potential leak paths. This tight seal will provide higher levels of efficiency and lower emissions throughout your entire facility. This is important for plants with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and Consent Decrees. The Camflex typically keeps emissions less than 50 parts per million. Another added feature of the modern construction is that the unit as a whole is half as small and half as heavy as its predecessor. This bonus makes the unit easier to install or repair later on.

A significant part of the overall design was developed to ensure a simple transition from the old valves to the new GR models. It was created for direct 1-to-1 replacement of most reciprocating valves. The compact envelope of the unit makes it easy to install in a broad range of applications.

Created To Provide Improved Performance And Lower Costs

The Camflex GR’s rotary design has been built with several advantages over the typical reciprocating globe valves that have been used in the industry in the past. At the center of the Camflex, there is a double eccentric rotating, self-aligning plug. The free range of movement provided by this design means that there is no friction or even contact between the plug and valve seat during normal operation. The only time the plug comes into contact with the seat is when the valve is closed. This means that you have a dependable and secure closure within your unit.

Unnecessary extra alternate parts have been streamlined so that the seat ring needs to be changed for different situational requirements. With less packing material and no gaskets, this means that there are fewer parts that need to be stocked and managed over the life of the valve. When you have multiple GR valves throughout your facility, those are significant cost reductions for your operations.

To learn more about the advantages of Camflex’s Globe Replacement valves and all of our other available products or services, contact Pioneer Industrial today.